L’Entrecôte, The French Brasserie (Suntec City)

Many of us have probably heard of the word entrecôte, used either as part of a restaurant’s name or steak dishes. But what does it actually mean? L’Entrecôte is often associated with Parisian style bistro concept, while L’Entrecôte sauce (commonly known as Café de Paris sauce) refers to a complex herbed butter-based sauce which is served with grilled meat.


As the name suggests, L’Entrecôte specialises in Parisian bistrot style steak frites. This establishment has more than one outlets, but this post only covers the one at Suntec. Located at the heart of the fountain terrace, it is easy to miss this unassuming looking restaurant if you don’t look closely.

Steak frites (Regular – $29.90, Large – $39.90): Choose between regular or large steak; regular would be sufficient for most ladies. Next, let the staff know your preferred doneness for the steak. Your order will then be written on the paper ‘tablecloth’ for easy reference. To help you make sense of the symbols, we requested for our steaks to be done medium rare, and ‘L’ simply refers to large steak. Every order of steak frites starts with a salad and comes with unlimited fries.



Serving size of the salad is the same, regardless of size of steak ordered. The simple salad of greens and walnuts is tossed in a light mustard dressing. Personally, the vinaigrette dressing was too sharp and sour for my liking but my dining partners seem fine with it.



The steak came to us sliced up and drenched in the signature L’Entrecôte sauce. The sweet and savoury sauce went well with the steak, but I’d have liked it better if it was less sweet. The steak was not particularly tender and could do with slightly more seasoning in the taste department as well. Nothing to shout about the quality of the steak and I know I can’t expect much for the price I’m paying anyway. What was totally unacceptable was that the medium rare steak which I ordered was clearly overcooked, as shown in the photo above. When I approached the waiters regarding my overcooked steak, they brushed it off and informed me that the steak had been done according to my order. Well, it clearly doesn’t look medium rare to me. That aside, the fries were delightfully crispy but (there’s always a but) unfortunately too salty.

Overall, I did not have a pleasant experience at the Suntec outlet, but my dining partners had better luck with their steak. So, don’t write it off as yet, since mine could just be an isolated incident.