Fat Cow

Located in Camden Medical Centre, this Japanese steakhouse is every beef eater’s paradise. Wagyu takes main stage here but other non-beef options are available as well if your dining partner doesn’t take beef. Upon entering the zen looking restaurant, we were swiftly ushered to the U-shaped counter seats which had a good view of the chefs working their magic.



We came for the wagyu donburi and that was what we ordered as well, despite suggestions from the waiter to try the sashimi. It is a meat atelier after all. Every set lunch starts with a salad, miso soup and chawanmushi, and ice cream to round up the meal.


Fat Cow Donburi ($38): Charcoal grilled wagyu beef with onsen egg and shiro negi. Medium rare wagyu beef with a lovely char-grilled taste painstakingly grilled to perfection, paired with a soft runny yolk set on a bed of rice and finished with a touch of truffle oil. Perfection in a bowl. While it is extremely tempting to break the runny yolk and mix everything together, do yourself a favour and savour a piece of that meaty goodness on its own.


Fat Foa-Gura Don ($42): Glazed foie gras and grilled wagyu beef over rice. Cubes of grilled beef and buttery foie gras covered in a sweet and savoury sauce on rice. The sauce isn’t sickly sweet but unfortunately, it overpowered the taste of the grilled wagyu. That said, it was still a decadent donburi, just not my preferred one.


Overall, this place is recommended for beef lovers and service is attentive as well. While the pricing of the lunch menu is significantly cheaper than its ala carte menu, I won’t go as far as to say that it is cheap. That said, it is definitely worth a visit to try the food at the restaurant. I know for sure that I will be back to try the wagyu steaks.

Fat Cow is located at Camden Medical Centre #01-01 and is open for lunch from 1200 to 1500

Ample parking space is available at the medical centre itself.


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