The Tiramisu Hero

As a person insatiable hunger for desserts, I am constantly on the prowl for the best dessert in town. One of the desserts on my radar at the moment is none other than tiramisu, and I attribute this keen interest to my recent trip to Italy. So when I heard about The Tiramisu Hero, I knew I had to check it out. Well, if the name of the restaurant suggests that tiramisu is their signature product, it has to be good right?



Located in hip cafe enclave – Jalan Besar and helmed by blogger Peggy and friend, the cafe has a young and trendy vibe. Quirky decor, mostly of their mascot – Sir Antonio greets you as you step into the bright and spacious cafe.


Tiramisu ($7.50): The array of flavours were pretty impressive, but we went with the staff’s recommendation of Horlicks, Ovaltine and Milo (only one shown here since they looked the same) flavours in the end. All three were of mommahero size since all other sizes were unavailable that evening.

The tiramisu came in a cute jar which was rather interesting, but unfortunately, it didn’t live up to its looks. All three were lacking in the taste department; the Ovaltine flavour was almost non-existent and there was only a slight hint of Milo. What was supposed to be mascarpone cream didn’t taste luscious and smooth as it should be as well. I was prepared to close both eyes one eye had they nailed the texture right, but it was less than ideal. The sponge cake was so soggy that it wass mushy and unappetising. On the whole, it felt like the tiramisu had been made and left in the jar for quite sometime.


Patsy Mojito Tea ($7.50): Mint tea with lime. Reminiscent of the cocktail, this refreshingly drink is perfect cooler on a warm day or a pick-me-up. This was the star of the night.

Honey milk ($6): No honey detected.  This plain glass of milk got us wondering if the staff got us what was supposed to be Sir Antonio’s milk instead. (Not shown here)

Overall, I do not recommend this place for its tiramisu. Maybe I went on a bad day, or maybe it just doesn’t make the cut. Sorry to say, but friendly service alone isn’t enough for for my friends and I to return for a second visit. Let me know what you think!

The Tiramisu Hero is on 121 Tyrwhitt Road and is open every Thursday to Tuesday from 1100 to 2200.

Parking spaces by the road is limited. A better option would be to park at the multi-storey carpark at the Jalan Besar stadium


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