Lime House

Where do you bring a Singaporean who is back home for a 3 weeks break, but isn’t craving for local food yet? One of the hottest restaurants in town of course.

A relatively new addition to the Keong Saik area, Lime House is also the first and only (so far) restaurant serving Caribbean food in Singapore. Interestingly, the name of the restaurant is not named after the fruit ‘lime’, but because ‘liming’ is a Trini term for ‘hanging out’. Led by the natives from Trinidad and Tobago, the setting of the restaurant is rustic, and soft reggae tracks playing in the background completes its laid back island vibe. Now, close your eyes for a moment and imagine you’re being transported to the Caribbean while your food is being prepared.

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The three page food menu may not seem extensive at first glance, but when everything seems just as tempting, you know it’s not going to be easy deciding which to order. After much deliberation, we decided to kick start dinner with two popular starters and a salad, followed by two mains and a side serve of vegetable (not shown here).


Doubles ($8): Curried chickpeas served on fried flat bread and topped with tamarind sauce, hot sauce and mango chutney. A hot favourite that night, this is one appetiser you do not want to miss. To eat it the way the Trini locals do, leave your utensils aside, tear up the bread, pinch some chickpeas (don’t forget the sauce!) and let the party in your mouth begin. Expect an explosion of flavours and a punch from the background heat which will leave you craving for more. We ordered a second serve because it was just too addictive. At $8 per serve, this is definitely well worth the money. MUST ORDER.


Crab & Callaloo  ($15): Crabmeat stuffed boiled dumplings in callaloo. Shortly after we placed our order, we were informed that the kitchen did not have a full serve of this dish and hence, this dish will be on the house. Score! The dumplings were generously filled with crabmeat and the dumpling skin was just right (not too thick). This may not be the best description of callaloo, but I guess you can think of it as spinach. It would probably be a good idea to eat this before the Doubles since this is comparatively milder in taste, and to say that it is bland would not do this dish justice.


Lime House “Paradise” Salad ($12 + $3 for chicken): Mixed greens with cherry tomatoes, mango, roasted coconut an rum orange dressing and topped with jerk chicken. I am usually not a salad person at dinners, so I wasn’t particularly excited when my dinner partners ordered this. That said, I have to admit that all it took was one bite for me to eat my words (and salad). The Jerk (essentially a hot spice mix) chicken was tender and well marinated, and fresh greens tossed with just the right amount of dressing to coat it. The refreshingly light and citrus-y dressing was a good starter to tantalise any taste buds and increase appetite in preparation of for the main course. Now, if only this dressing is available for sale!


Baby Back Ribs ($28): Not the most photogenic dish, but who cares when you have fall-off-the-bone meaty goodness? Not to mention the BBQ sauce that was (thankfully) not sickly sweet. The lightly seasoned grilled vegetables had a nice char-grilled taste and the buttery potato chump (essentially mashed potato) was a delight.


Curry Goat ($28): Curry goat served with rice and peas and plantain batons. Spicy and slightly smokey, the curry was pretty different from the local ones we are used to. The cubes of goat were surprisingly tender, and best enjoyed with a spoonful of rice. The plantain batons – which are similar to banana crisps, but less sweet – added a a nice crunch to this dish. Wished they gave more though.


Deconstructed Pina Colada ($12): Coconut custard with pineapple compote and lime sherbet. This edible mocktail is a perfect end to a meal of big flavours. To enjoy it at its best, make sure you get a bit of everything in each spoonful. The creamy custard went well with the tart compote, and the very zesty (perhaps to some, too sour) lime sherbet finishes each mouthful as a palate cleanser. MUST ORDER.

Overall: This place is highly recommended for its food (they are the one and only anyway) and given how reasonably priced the food menu is, coupled with the warm hospitality and attentive service, there’s no reason why this isn’t on your ‘to try’ list.

Lime House is open every Tuesday to Sunday from 12pm to 12am. Set menus are available during lunchtime.

It’s pretty hard to find a parking space along Keong Saik road in the evening. You’re better off parking at one of the buildings along Craig Road and walking over.


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