The Cajun Kings

I am a huge fan of seafood and I honestly cannot imagine not having seafood in my diet. My love for seafood ranks restaurants which serve good seafood dishes above all others (a little biased I know) and The Cajun Kings is one of them. I have returned a couple of times since my first visit last year, but each time I get so carried away with the food that I forget to take photos. This is the only exception.


Located at Jalan Riang – a private estate in Serangoon, this is definitely not the most accessible of places. The Cajun Kings specializes in Cajun seafood boil and Creole cuisine, and is the first of its kind in Singapore. Its casual and relaxed ambience is a plus point for me because I can turn up in my comfy t-shirt and shorts getup without getting judgemental looks. Over at The Cajun Kings, dining etiquette is redefined as well. Expect nothing more than sheets of waxed paper laid out on big tables, plastic bibs and mallet (for your shellfish). Yes, everyone gets down and dirty here. Eat with your hands because no cutlery will be provided. Food always tastes better like this anyway.


Buttermilk frog legs: Deep fried frog legs. Fried to perfection, the crispy frog legs were surprisingly tender and succulent. It was a pretty good dish no doubt, but this could be easily substituted with chicken wings. Also, fans of frog legs who are used to eating them cooked in tastier oriental styles may not find themselves blown away by this dish.


Garlic fries: Shoestring fries topped (albeit sparingly) with crushed garlic and spicy mayo dip on the side. Unless you get the fries with the garlic, they are just ordinary fries. Personally, I like the cajun fries better (not reviewed in this post).


Dungeness crab (approx. $80 each): The huge crab comes in big clear plastic bag (no plates) and it is covered with a generous amount of The King’s mix. The crab was fresh (my partner who is allergic to shellfish that are not fresh can attest to this) and the meat was nothing short of being sweet and chunky. The mix was flavoursome and the heat from the level 2 spice was just right for me. This photo does no justice to it at all, you have got to try it for yourself.

Overall, this place is recommended for its unique seafood boil experience (especially the fresh dungeness crab in The King’s mix). It may be on the pricey side, but it is definitely worth a try. Service staff are friendly and helpful as well. Reservations are highly recommended because the restaurant always seem to be packed.

The Cajun Kings is located 15-1 Jalan Riang and it is open Tues – Sun 1500 to 2230.

Parking spaces in front of the restaurant are very limited but valet parking service is available. Alternatively, you can park along the roadside. 


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