Standing Sushi Bar (8 Queen Street)

I love Wednesdays because 1. it is halfway through the work week, and 2. midweek promotions. People usually associate midweek promotions to ladies’ night and drinks discounts, but this isn’t just about alcohol promotions. I am talking about gender friendly discounts at a modern Japanese eatery. Standing Sushi Bar is a local establishment with two outlets in Singapore – 8 Queen Street which offers an extensive menu including robatayaki, and Marina Bay Link Mall which caters to the working crowd. Contrary to the name, it is unlikely that you will see anyone standing as they have since done away with the standing bar concept which they started out with. Nonetheless, Standing Sushi Bar continues to pride itself on serving quality food at affordable prices. With daily promotions running from Monday to Thursday, it is easy to see why this is so. Rolls, handrolls AND alcohol (housepour glass) go at 50% off every Wednesday. Frankly speaking, they got me at rolls, but hey, no one says no to more discounts! Since it was rolls night, my partner and me decided to give the other food a miss and focus on the rolls. Not only do they do rolls with a twist, the rolls are given funky names as well.



Puff the Magic Dragon ($18.90 before discount): grilled eel draped over a prawn tempura centre roll and topped with tobiko. Flavourful no doubt, but I would have preferred it to be less salty (I suspect the eel was doused with too much marinate) and the grilled eel to have a more fragrant char-grilled taste (grill over charcoal perhaps?).


Rockstar ($16.90 before discount): fried mozzarella cheese stick centre topped with seared salmon and mentaiko sauce. Well to begin with, anything with cheese oozing out is going to taste good, and this is no exception. It was creamy and tasty as expected, but it could have been better. Maybe some tobiko to add some texture to it? Overall, this place is good if you are in the mood to for unusual rolls at an affordable price, or simply looking for a spot in town to kick back a few drinks and fill your tummy with food other than bar snacks. Service can be a little slow though, I waited for almost 25 minutes for the first roll to be served, so, this may not be the best place if you are in a hurry. Standing Sushi Bar is located at 8 Queen Street, Unit 01-03 Singapore Art Museum and is open Mon – Sun: 1200 to 1430 (last order at 1415) and 1800 to 2200. Parking spaces along the street is limited, but more parking spaces are available at Hotel Royal @ Queen Street and the SMU Admin building.


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