Table Manners

I love brunch. Going for brunch is my favourite weekend activity because it is reminiscent of my time in Melbourne. I remember how my mates and I will drive all over Melbourne in search of the place that serves the best brunch. It was an obsession. I reckon it is also the reason why I am unabashedly fussy when it comes to brunch food, especially Eggs Benedict.





Table Manners has been on my to-try list for some time now and I was stoked to know that their ala carte ‘mix and match’ brunch menu includes Eggs Benedict. It is not always that we see restaurants offering ‘mix and match’ menu for brunch, so I made sure I ordered my favourite – Egg Benny, of course!


Set D ($19.50 for 2 fibres and 2 proteins): There was barely any truffle aroma when the food came (always a bad sign), and that got me worried.  A couple of fries later confirmed my fears. The fries were plain salty with just a hint of truffle. Off to a rocky start, I approached my Egg Benny with caution. The egg reeked of vinegar and to make matters worse, the yolk was watery, not runny.  The hollandaise sauce was off the charts for tartness and a small bite was enough to make me flinch. That aside, the steak was also not cooked to medium rare doneness as requested. I definitely worked up a sweat just chewing it. The mushroom ragout was the only item that I finished and only because I was starving. Soup and drink are not are not part of the set by default. Top up $5.80 to complete your set.


Fibre ($3.50 per add on): Because mushrooms alone are insufficient for brunch (obviously), I added a side of spaghetti pomodoro. The pasta was cooked al dente and tossed in creamy tomato sauce. The sauce tasted nothing like homemade sauce to me, but when you are that hungry, anything goes.


Set B ($13.50 for 2 fibres and 2 proteins): Beer battered fish fillet came crispy but the fish fillet encased in the thick batter was slightly mushy. Nothing to shout about the wedges and the mash, and wedges are always a safe choice anyway.

Overall, despite its chic and promising decor, the food just does not match up and inattentive service didn’t help as well. That said, maybe they are better during weekday lunch/ dinner service since it appears to be popular with the office crowd around the area. 

Table Manners is located at #01-69/69, The Oasis, Changi City Point, 5 Changi Business Park Central 1 and it is open Mon – Sun: 1100 to 0000.

Parking at Changi City Point can be a bit tricky because it is rather difficult to locate the building and it is one big loop with no U-turns. Alternatively, take the train to Expo station and walk a little. 


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