Baikohken 梅光轩

I still remember vividly, my first bowl of ramen which left an impression – lunch at the now defunct North Canal Baikohken outlet a couple of years back. I have been on the hunt for my favourite ramen ever since and I endeavour to eat through all the ramen restaurants in Singapore. Since this is my first ramen post, I thought it would be apt to go back to where it all began.

Baikohken originates from Asahikawa in Hokkaido and currently has only one outlet in Singapore. It specialises in Asashikawa style shoyu (soy sauce) ramen, which is characterised by its clear brown broth and curly noodles. The ramen comes in two sizes – half size (as shown) and full size. The half size would be more suitable for the ladies and those with a smaller appetite. Although their specialty lies in the shoyu ramen, other options such as shio and miso broths are available as well. Do note that pricing differs according to the choice of soup broth and size of the ramen.


Shoyu ramen with butter corn ($12.50 for half size shoyu + $1.50 for egg): The curly, al dente egg noodles picked up the savoury soup remarkably well and I was pleased to find that the kee taste wasn’t overpowering. The thin slices of tender and flavourful chashu were a delight, but I can’t say the same for the flavoured egg. The egg was a little overcooked and I would have definitely preferred it to have a soft runny yolk and slightly firm( but not rigid) egg whites. The ramen is finished off with Japanese bamboo shoots and spring onions which complements the buttery (yet light on the palate) soup perfectly.

Overall, this is a definitely a place worth considering to get your ramen fix at an affordable price and convenient location.

Quick overview

Thickness of noodles:  // // // // //

Fattiness of soup: // // // // //

Richness of soup: // // //  // //

Baikohken 梅光轩 is located at Takashimaya B2 and it is open Mon – Sun: 1000 to 2130.

It is easily accessible from Orchard MRT station through the underpass and there are ample parking spaces at the shopping malls around Ngee Ann City.


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