The Little Prince Cafe 小王子咖啡座

While I appreciate the simple and elegant watercolour illustrations of The Little Prince, I have to admit that I haven’t actually read much of the book. That said, I was very intrigued when I heard about the opening of The Little Prince themed cafe, and decided that I have got to make a trip down before it gets swarmed by hordes of curious fans and cafe goers.

DSCN1124-001 DSCN1119-001

This pretty little (no pun intended) cafe is decorated with wall murals of illustrations from The Little Prince and a collection of books in various languages for your reading pleasure. The cafe is small and sits approximately 15 to 20 people at full capacity. Unfortunately for me, the cafe was rather crowded when I dropped by and the only seats available were at the communal sharing table. If you are uncomfortable with sharing table space with strangers, you may want to consider heading over at non-peak hours or be prepared to queue for separate tables.


The menu isn’t extensive but savory treats such as quiches and sandwiches are available if you do not have a sweet tooth. Since it was afternoon tea, I opted for scones and cake. I would typically have gone for a pot of hot tea, but iced rambutan tea sounded fun and it isn’t commonly seen in cafes.2013-08-004


Scones ($4.50 for 2): The warm buttery homemade scones comes in two flavours – raisin and umami, and were served with clotted cream and marmalade on the side. Personally, I would have preferred the scones to be less dry and the umami taste to be stronger (there was barely any). For the benefit of those who are unaware, umami is one of the five basic tastes (together with sweet, sour, bitter and salty). As it is rich, deep and intensely savory, umami is commonly added to food as a flavour enhancer.


Strawberry marshmallow cake ($3.90): The cake was soft and fluffy with pockets of marshmallow in every bite. It may appeal to those who love neapolitan ice cream, but I found it rather forgettable.


Iced Rambutan Tea ($4.50): Freshly brewed tea with a generous helping of canned rambutans and sugar syrup on the side. Though I like the idea of having rambutans in my iced tea and chomping on them, the rambutans do not add much flavour to the tea. That said, the drink was the best out of the the abovementioned items that I tried at the cafe.

Overall, the cafe is worth a visit for fans of The Little Prince and for those who are looking to laze the afternoon away at cafe with an unusual concept. Reasonable pricing and friendly service staff is a plus too!

The Little Prince Cafe 小王子咖啡座 is located at 62 Somme Road and it is open on Mon – Thurs & Sun (closed on Tues): 1200 to 2100 and Fri – Sat: 1200 to 2200.

The cafe is a short walk from Farrer Park MRT station, but if you choose to drive, do note that parking spaces are limited. More parking spaces are available at  the Jalan Besar stadium which is a 3 minute walk away.


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